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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Real Estate Trust...... NO, the OTHER kind of "TRUST".

reliance on the integrity, strength, ability, surety, etc., of a person or thing; confidence.

I wanted to express myself today, on a topic I believe reaches far beyond the scopes of just Real Estate, and speak to the concept of “sticking your neck out there a little bit”, to the notion really allowing yourself to TRUST  the Real Estate professionals that you work with every day in your voyage to purchasing or selling a home.

(Something I believe as a culture we have numbed ourselves to the ability to offer Trust to just about anyone, and many live their lives with a certainty that the world is out to somehow screw them.)

 I want to first say that to have “TRUST”, or displaying trust in an expert (in any line of profession) is not a sign of being naïve, nor is it an excuse to act or be naïve!  You, as the buyer or seller, need to be EDUCATED and understand what is going on. And when working with the Professional in that field (in this instance Real Estate), that professional ought to be able to help further educate you.

So as I stated before, being educated and not NAÏVE, is not what this blog is about. This article is about that moment of uncertainty where you are no longer in the divers seats, when all your “learned reasoning” is no longer aiding you in your purchase process, rather creating walls due to a lack of TRUST. It’s about that moment, that happens oh so many times in Real Estate, where a buyer or seller can push a deal to “fall”, or they can trust in the professionals around them and “JUMP”!!!!! 

I love this scene from Aladdin, and as I watched it again today, I realized how simalar this can be to a Real Estate transaction!

In the scene Jasmine (The Client) is far outside her comfort zone of the "palace" and has placed herself into the world of Aladdin (The Agent).

In the beginning of the scene everything is going great!!! It’s going perfect; in fact Aladdin almost has a kiss (you almost have the house). And then the bad guys show up waiving their swords (and then the lender, or Title Company, or the bank you are buying the house from shows up waiving addendums or additional documents that need to be signed). 

I can honestly say in that moment the Buyer AND the Agent both feel like the bad guys are “After them”. There is nothing worse.

This is obviously a situation neither had saw coming , but the thing that the guards and Jasmine lack the most is KNOWLEDGE OF THE FIELD. Aladdin, although not expecting this surprise, is a PRO in that FIELD!! And although Aladdin may not be able in “BLACK AND WHITE” to PROVE to Jasmine in that moment that he can save her, he with out a doubt gives Jasmine the best chance of survival.  (Sometimes in Real Estate all parties have to have a little TRUST in the others involved. So many times you hear “I need that in writing” when really, a little trust would go along way. Obviously there are MANY aspects of a purchasing process the NEED to be in “BLACK AND WHITE” but there are others that if left at the value of ones words or at the value of one’s hand shake would actually hold more BOND than a piece of paper.)

And finally in the scene Aladdin has to be BLUNT, and he just asks the question “DO YOU TRUST ME?”

I would counsel both Aladdin (the agents) and Jasmine (the Client) to invest in TRUST.  As an AGENT and a PROFESSIONAL in this industry, you need to establish MANY , MANY trust worthy relationships with other PROFESSIONALS in the industry (from title, to lenders, etc., etc.), you have to be educated and skilled and have a passion for what you do, so that when you have to ask the client, “DO YOU TRUST ME?” you know that you actually have the backing to extend forth the request for one’s trust!

And finally as “the Client”, I would advise one to be educated, choose to work with some of character and experience, AND THEN allow yourself to TRUST that individual when the time comes to do so.

I leave you with this:
Do not trust all men, but trust men of worth; the former course is silly, the latter a mark of prudence.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Rare extra day tomorrow..... what do you plan to do with it? MAKE IT MEMORABLE!

Being born on a leap year (turning 28 this year) I have always found an interesting significance to "February 29th".   I've always looked at it as a gift of a day. Something that only happens once every four years. Something special.... the Winter Olympics, Summer Olympics, World Cup.... also only happen once every four years. And all are things I look forward to regularly. Tomorrow will be my 6th Feb 29th. How many have you experianced?

I would like to set forth a challange to anyone that might read this. Treat tomorrow like a gift. Go out of your way to do something rare and extra ordinary. (not that you shouldn't strive to live every day like this) but really take advantage of such a truely rare opportunity we have tomorrow. I always think of the below classic song by Chicago on any Feb. 29th, because it is so true... "I've been waiting such a long time,..for today!"  :)

And please, let me know about your experiance that you do have tomorrow! Either below in a comment, or on my facebook page. :) Enjoy it! And , "DO WORK"!!!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Presidents Day Quote: President Herbert Hoover on home OWNERSHIP VS. renting

On this very special day, we look back to the past and give thanks to the wonderful men that have lead this country. I found a old quote from President Herber Hoover from 1931 on home ownership in contrast to renting. The words are actually powerful, and moving even today some 81 years later:

“Next to food and clothing, the housing of a nation is its most vital problem. . . . The sentiment for home ownership is embedded in the American heart [of] millions of people who dwell in tenements, apartments and rented rows of solid brick. . . . This aspiration penetrates the heart of our national wellbeing. It makes for happier married life. It makes for better children. It makes for courage to meet the battle of life. . . . There is a wide distinction between homes and mere housing. Those immortal ballads, ‘Home, Sweet Home,’ ‘My Old Kentucky Home’ and ‘The Little Grey Home in the West’ were not written about tenements or apartments. . . . They were written about an individual abode, alive with tender associations of childhood, the family life at the fireside, the free out-of-doors, the independence, the security and the pride in possession of the family’s own home. . . . Many of our people must live under other conditions. But they never sing songs about a pile of rent receipts. . . .”

May the American dream never die of home OWNERSHIP! Please know that as a realtor I along with every other realtor are fighting in your behalf to make sure that opportunity continues and never goes away. :)

Happy Presidents Day! :)

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Sellers or Buyers Market in Boise Idaho?? (Remember we're not concerned what the market is doing in New York!)

In case you don't read any farther then this, let me just inform you that currently the Treasure Valley Real Estate market is indeed a SELLER'S Market.

The numbers for the first month just came out for both Ada and Canyon county, and the numbers are pretty amazing.

First of all, in any market a "6 months supply of homes" is a STABLE market.  Now what does "months supply" mean.??.....

Currently there are 1,976 Single Family units on the market in Ada county. If starting today not a single home more was allowed to be put on the market "months supply" would tell us how long we'd have homes to sell before they were all gone.  (It's kind of like NASCAR.... if you watch NASCAR some times it shows how many seconds behind a particular car is from the leader. Basically if the leader car were to come to a complete stop, how many seconds would it take for the trailing car to catch up. Same idea..:) hope that helped)

In the January we just had, there were 381 homes sold. And now there are only 1,976 left. So lets do the math:

1976 ÷ 381 =  5.1    or 5.1 month supply of homes.  

Now remember 6 months supply is STABLE.  More than 6 is buyers market... however less that 6 is a Sellers market.

Not only is this evidence of a SELLERS market, but you can also look at the number of homes on that market as of Jan. the past 4 years and see a very shocking number!!

Total number of homes on the Ada Market in :

January 2008 -  4,307
January 2009 -  3,764
Januray 2010 -  2,991
January 2011 -  2,232
January 2012 -  1,976

As you can tell that number continues to drop, and with the number of homes shrinking, and the number of buyers increasing, it really is as simple as SUPPLY vs DEMAND!

Why so many buyers?:

1. Interest rates are still below 4%. If you are going to buy, rates have never been better.

2. Renters are tired of renting and hearing about their friends paying less on a mortgage.

3. Treasure Valley rental Vacancy at a 5 year low! Lots of renters, no place to rent = high rent.

4. Investors!!! With vacancy rates low, investors can buy a home and charge double the mortgage to instantly cash flow on a property.

The Boise market is unique! It doesn't follow what you, your parents, your barber, your yoga instructor, read and see everyday in the New York Times or on CNN.

As a licensed Realtor with experiance in the Treasure Valley Market, I am here to help you either buy or sell and make sure you get the best deal possible in THIS market!

You can call or email me with more questions you may have about our local market. 208-631-8775 or Or just go to my website to search the market for yourself.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

So, you gave her the RING.... but now.. WHAT ABOUT THE HOUSE??

Congrats to all you Boise, ID love birds that are either just getting engaged today, or are renewing your love for one another on this Valentines Day! .....BUT....

If you did just get engaged, what are you plans for once the two of you move in together?  Or maybe you already live together and will be combining your finances for the first time.... Where are you planning on starting out this new journy together?? Renting...or Buying???

I bet that RING you just bought wasn't cheap, and probably was the majority if not all of your tax return.  So now if you even wanted to think about putting a down payment down, you're going to have to wait at least 6-8 months to save up right....??????

NOPE!! There are actually quite a few options depending on your credit score and the location where you are wanting to buy, that you can actually get 100% financing (aka $0 down) and walk into a brand new home with nothing out of pocket!

But why buy just starting out? Why not!! In our local market in Boise, rental vacancies are extremely low, meaning it is hard to find something nice that is going to be pushing $1,000 dollars a month.(and that's just an apartment!)

However, with the interest rates still below 4% on 30 year fixed loans... you can easily be living in a very nice home, that is YOURS, that you are putting money away on to build equity and have a mortage closer to $800 or $850! If you don't believe me, just give me a call! 208-631-8775.

Or better yet, register on my website to start looking at homes now!

So once again, congrats on the new steps you are about to take!! And although like the oldie song by the Beatles says, " Can't buy me love"... if you are wise and don't though it away early on in your new relationship, you may just end up having more of it at the end!   Com Muito Amor Jeff